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Kotlin Development

Kotlin is a cross-platform general-purpose programming language, which appeared back in 2017. It is rapidly developing today, and it is fully convertible with Java, even called “Java alternative”. However, it is much more advanced and easy-to-operate in a mixed environment. Many companies consider Kotlin development very prospective for their business practices in general and to build new projects in particular. Let’s discover the main advantages of this technology and evaluate how much its features can be useful for modern developing IT technologies, and what features should be taken into account if you want to deal with Kotlin app development.

Why Choose Kotlin

First, it is important to mention that Kotlin is a powerful, open-source programming language, developed for JVM and Android. It focuses on a large scale of various operations, useful to build different objectives. Probably, that’s why Kotlin has recently become so popular with different businesses and start-ups.

In 2019 Google advised to use it preferably in the app development as Kotlin was much easier and it could be fast integrated with other languages in different ways. Java is becoming a bit old, however, it is still useful. Kotlin is easier and it makes programming easier, too.

As a professional Kotlin development company, we provide all necessary information regarding Kotlin development as well as we are ready to help to deal with any type of your IT project: from developing a new one to launching a test version of any application in a new environment. There are several features why it is worth considering Kotlin as a good option for your next step.

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    As it was mentioned before, Kotlin was very close to Java, but far more advanced and easy-to-operate allowing building complex projects. One can’t deny the high efficiency of this programming language and as it is open-source, it has a range of cool features that can be easily developed and based on the existing ones.

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    The second feature of Kotlin is its safety characteristics. Programmers choose Kotlin for their app development, because there are special technical features that can be easily upgraded.

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    Another important element is the functionality of this language, as it can be used for almost any kind of development: client-side web, server-web, Android, others.

Kotlin app is explicit allowing pushing productivity level very high. It allows Kotlin developers to integrate their projects really fast. If you want to know more about the functionality of Kotlin, turn to our All4Future development company, and our specialists will answer in details to all your questions and help to eliminate all your doubts.

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Recent Work

Bright Developers for Kotlin

All4Future development company has profound experience in creating Kotlin apps in different ways. We should confess that Kotlin as a programming language is very strong and future-oriented.

There are numerous operations that can be easily performed with Kotlin. Here are some of the most popular and most frequently requested. Check them out and see if you need any of them for your business.

  • Kotlin App Optimization

    Kotlin is perfect to make your application work fast and to resolve problems and errors occurring during the launch of existing ones.
  • Kotlin App Maintenance & Development

    If you already have an app, it is very easy to customize and to re-make the environment, updating it to match your actual needs converting it into a Kotlin app.
  • Kotlin Migration

    In case you want to switch to Kotlin with an already existing application, it is no problem at all. Our Kotlin developers will help to organize the migration process with no loss of information and important details.
  • Kotlin Testing

    Testing is important for those who want to perform the first application launch smoothly. Kotlin helps to carry out testing fast and efficiently avoiding errors and other problems.
  • Best Kotlin Advantages

    Speaking about the advantages of this programming language, one can mention these undeniable features: fast-developing language, can be operated in different environments, compatible with Java.

Who Uses Kotlin?

If you wonder who uses Kotlin nowadays, we are ready to surprise you with some marker leaders. Here they are:

  • Pinterest
  • Uber
  • Netflix
  • Coursera

Also, it is important to mention that the existing Kotlin development community is ready to share the latest technologies and to provide unexpected solutions for the most complex operations.

Contact our Kotlin development company and turn to our specialists with your projects. We will help you to be efficient in your business and to gain advantages of the fast-changing cloud realities in the existing environment.

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